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We help and guide organizations, companies and public services in their strategy formulation and in their transformation and adaptation processes to the VUCA world and its multiple exponential challenges.

Our service line includes : 

The sanetary impact of the pandemic

In response to the sanitary crisis, we are equipped with the necessary tools and processes that allow us to execute part or all of our missions remotely.

For that purpose, we use different cloud-based tools:

  • Social collaboration tools for project management and planning, communication and document exchange

  • Videoconferencing tools like Zoom, MS Teams and Google Meet

  • Online collaborative brainstorming tools - synchronous & asynchronous.

  • Polling, voting and idea management tools

  • Online learning platforms

  • And a series of more specialized tools as required by a project's specific anatomy


We are of course flexible and also able to adapt to any tools that your organization might already use for those purposes.


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Contexte sanitaire
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