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Boutique Consultancy & Training Institute

For navigating in a VUCA world

Our vision

Today's VUCA​ world with its many challenges but also opportunities requires new mindsets and operating systems for organisational and societal governance.


Also, the exponential evolution of digital technologies disrupts business as much as society as a whole.

Companies, organisations, public services and communities have no other choice than to positively adapt to this new context. 

And the sanetary crisis dramatically accelerates these transformations.


strategybuilders has multidisciplinary expertise in helping organisations to design their resilient future under these circumstances. 

Our services

strategybuilders offers several complementary service lines:

Our competencies
  • Digital transformation

  • Servant leadership

  • Agile management & New Work

  • Workplace design

  • Innovation management

  • Design Thinking, Service Design

  • Knowledge management

  • People management

  • Learning & Development

  • Transformation management

  • Sustainability & Circular Economy

Discover our REBOOT+ crisis exit program​

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