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strategybuilders can help you in the following domains of advisory competence :

01. Digital transformation
How to identify digital transformation & integration opportunities in your value chain und the underlying processes to increase productivity, reduce physical contacts, reduce technological debt, develop new and innovative digital business models as well as engaging customer and employee experiences ? How to benefit from top notch technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, IoT, virtual & augmented reality ?

02. Servant leadership
How to be a servant leader to your collaborators and help them to achieve their goals whilst feeling psychologically safe and be motivated ? How to design a sensemaking leadership narrative that gives purpose and builds a shared true north ?

03. Agility & organisational design - New Work
How to fluidify your organisational processes and increase productivity ? How to build more autonomous teams that are more flexible and more reactive ? What kind of governance for remote and distributed work ? How to physically design your workspace for engagement, collaboration, flexibility, health, well-being, automation and the new physical distancing & sanitary rules all-in-one ?

04. Innovation mangement
How to incorporate innovation into your organizations' DNA ? What are the available innovation methods and tools ? How to increase the speed of innovation to follow exponential markets as well as market disruptions ?

05. Design thinking
How to become a human-centered and design driven organization by making design thinking part of every process in your organization ?

06. Knowledge & intellectual capital management
How to become a real learning organization and effectively & transparently manage your organizations', employees' and partners' entire knowledge ? How to design innovative and agile learning environments that allow your people to develop new skills and develop new competences on the fly and in the flow of work -  alone and in group of peers - as needs in fast moving markets arise ?

07. Human Resources
How make HR human-centric as opposed to organization-centric to create motivate and engaged employees ? How to practice efficient employer branding ? How to attract talents and keep them ? What competency models for your employees ? How to design an upskilling or reskilling plan to guarantee future employability of your employees ? How to put in place an efficient internal communication function ?

08. Managing change
How to efficiently accompany change and transformation ? How to design a strategic change management program including objectives & actions ? What kind of communication do you need to put in place to ensure your teams adhere to change, happening at en ever higher pace ("Change is the only constant")?

09. Circular economy principles
What are the foundations of the circular economy? How to systematically incorporate its principles into your organizational design, value chains, processes, habits and culture in order to render your economic activity more sustainable, regenerative by lowering the overall ecological footprint which has become an imperative ?




Our projects generally follow the same logical outline:

  • Problem statement

  • Defining the mission's scope

  • Defining ressources to be allocated on both sides

  • An initial audit about the "As is" situation (which can be a short version to start with followed by a more in depth audit if necessary)

  • Conducting directed or semi-directed interviews

  • Deep-dive participative workshop facilitation

  • Research (benchmarking) 

  • Analysing collected data, information and insights

  • Developing several alternative "to be" scenarios

  • Informed choice of a preferred scenario and definition of an implementation road map with action items and KPI design for each item

In all stages, we use a set of proven and widely adopted methods and frameworks as guiding tools.

Execution & implementation


If needed, we also accompany and supervise roadmap execution & implementation.

This may include :

  • supervising project management

  • supervising project teams

  • active execution of part of the project work

  • Digital transformation

  • Servant leadership

  • Agile management & New Work

  • Workplace design

  • Innovation management

  • Design Thinking, Service Design

  • Knowledge management

  • People management

  • Learning & Development

  • Transformation management

  • Sustainability & Circular Economy

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